On May 23-25, 2019, Dr. Oleg Mishchenko from our company took part in the ICOI Europe PSI Symposium, during which he had the opportunity to view topics such as advanced techniques of sinus surgery – from the beginning of the procedure to its final, maximizing the stability of the implant in the damaged bone, lateral sinus lift: a safe and effective approach using piezosurgery and much more.
The mission of the ICOI / ICOI Europe / PSI Symposium was to provide participants with a comprehensive and scientific overview of controversial aspects of implant treatment that can lead to complications. A wide range of concepts and philosophies related to the etiology, prevention and management of All-on-4 concepts, lateral and vertical expansion using a variety of materials and techniques, as well as immediate implant placement with or without socket cover protection (PET: Partial Extraction Therapy) .