During the month of february we were visited by our project partners from Univeristy of Latvija on the account of our joint Nanosurf project “Nanostructural surface development for dental implant manufacturing”. This is the fourth time lead reasercher Ulises Miranda Ordonez from Insitute of Atomphysics and Spectroscopy has come to Poland to work with us.

During his visit Ulises Miranda Ordonez worked with our colleagues from Osteoplant R&D on the production of white membranes and their analysis.

The white membrane was made of polylactic acid nanofibers and divided into many 2 cm2 pieces. To determine the effect of oxygen and UV radiation on the membrane, some of the pieces were treated with plasma oxygen, some with UV radiation, the untreated pieces were left for microscopic analysis.







Also Ulises Miranda Ordonez worked with a new laser device that can mark small anodized pieces of titanium. By experimenting with different laser parameters, a colored marking was obtained on the yellow (anodized titanium) surface.